3-4 hours depending on attendance
There is no written test
There is no kneeling to perform CPR
Face coverings required if you have a cough
No real mouth breaths given to manikins
2 year ASHI layrescuer CPR First Aid card
Suitable for both Initial/renewal students
No studying or preparation required
Books available to purchase but not required
Classroom kept cool so bring a sweatshirt
Doors open 5 minutes till
5 minutes late must reschedule
Cancel/reschedule by employee with fee
Cancel/reschedule by employer no fee
Employer is billed for "no call - no show"
Class can be cancelled by CPR Central
Class can be cancelled for min. enrollment
No children/dependents permitted in class
Food is not permitted in class but drinks ok
Students represent their company in class
Cards may be emailed directly to employer
This form will be emailed to address above
Directions available at www.cprcentral.com
Assistance available at (833) CPR-CENTral
Other details
Traditional course
Add a book
(833) CPR-Central
CPR Central
Private Sign-up page
CPR & 1st Aid with AED adult-child-infant
3-4 hour instructor lead classroom course (no online)
• Pick a BLUE date and start time from the calendar.
• Pay extra attention to CDA VAL SPO location on calendar.
• Enroll, reschedule, cancel by submitting the form to the left.

This is not a "sit on the floor in a circle" CPR class. CPR Central teaches professional grade, lecture and skills based courses with paramedic and RN instructors, using clean, professional equipment. Most area hospitals, care facilities, industrial and manufacturing business use CPR Central to train their staff. The course is fun, low pressure, and very informative. We look forward to meeting you!
Important details:
• Class is 3-4 hour depending on class size.
• Doors open at 5 min till and lock 5 min after.
• A "no call no show" will be reported to your employer.
• Only your manager can reschedule you without a fee.
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