Are books required?
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CPR Central
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Books are technically required by the American Heart Association to participate in any AHA course throughout the country. AHA prohibits instructors from lending books to students and requires that students individually purchase their own book. Alternatively, you may bring the current version of a book you already own, or borrow one from work or a friend.
CPR Central will NOT exclude a student that can not afford a book or who chooses not to buy one. However, books are highly recommended. If you can afford a book and want to own one, they definitely enhance the course and produce better CPR providers. In addition if there is a written test in your class, the test will be open book. So a guaranteed pass!
The bottom line...
Your book will be handed to you at the start of class. (except NRP)
If you require the book earlier, contact the office at (833) CPR-CENTral
Temporarily out of stock
due to supply chain issues.
We're working on an alternative.