Your course will not be a "sit in a circle on the floor" CPR class. CPR Central teaches professional grade, lecture and skills based courses with paramedic and RN instructors, using clean, professional equipment.

Most local hospitals, care facilities, industrial and manufacturing business use CPR Central to train their staff. The course is fun, low pressure, and very informative.
Insurance requires an ADA accessible commercial building

Requires a
large open space.
No conference tables.
Must be a
commercial building.
No homes.
No more than 1 flight
of stairs with assistance.
We arrive 1 hour early.
This classroom,
brought to your location

View examples of our mobile "setup"

Must pay prior
to class date.
Exceptions for some government clients.
Pay for the expected number of participants.
Managers must ensure
employee turnout.
Last minute cancellations may incur a fee.
Must start on time
Absent employees
can "make it up"
FREE within 90 days
at our facilities
Please note:

CPR Central
(833) CPR-Central
Face masks are