Safesitter Babysitting 8hr - 1 day
When people hear "babysitting training", many immediately think of
diaper changing, bottle feeding and keeping kids entertained.
Yes, caring for infants and children does involve all of these
important tasks. However, a well-rounded youth development
program with a medical basis such as Safesitter focuses
on so much more. It presents serious life skills in a fun way!

Our students are not just highly qualified babysitters. They are young professionals with practical life and safety skills. Students learn safe ways to market themselves as qualified babysitters. They learn how to determine if a job is safe and what it means to be responsible for children every time they babysit.

Most importantly, Safesitter students feel more comfortable taking care of their younger siblings while parents are away because they have learned more about responsibility, personal safety and what to do in case of an emergency.

This course is two courses in one. The 5-hour Safe Sitter curriculum is designed for young adolescents no younger than 11, and is combined with a 3 hour CPR First Aid AED course. CPR Central's Safesitter Babysitting Basics program is the only babysitting course in the region that certifies children with a real CPR card. The same CPR card that is held by many working adults. This class also includes a Safesitter book, a real CPR barrier device, two instructors per class (when staffing allows), water, soda, and a full pizza party lunch.

In addition to CPR and choking procedures, this course will also discuss basic first aid, defibrillator use, personal safety for the babysitter, injury prevention, how to care for children (feeding, diapering, etc.), preventing problem behavior, behavior management techniques, ethics, and babysitting as a business.
Pediatric CPR First Aid
CPR and First Aid
Basic Life Support (BLS)
Pediatric CPR First Aid
Bloodborne Pathogen
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Safesitter Babysitting