The American Heart Association offers most of its courses in an online format. These online courses result in the exact same AHA card that is issued in a traditional instructor led class. No one will know that you learned CPR partially online.

AHA eLearning courses are accepted by employers because only the book knowledge and written test is completed online. Participants must still practice their skills with an authorized AHA instructor (CPR Central) and demonstrate proficiency before a card is issued.

CPR Central skills sessions are conducted in a one-on-one or semi private setting. They are discrete, fast, professional, and do not require the a book.
• AHA eLearning courses are accepted by medical directors who insist on AHA training because the only didactic work is done online.
• Every student must still practice their skills with an AHA instructor (CPR Central) and pass a skills sign-off to earn an AHA card.
• We can issue access keys to the eLearning website so your entire organization can pay with one invoiced payment.
• We can come to your location to administer multiple skills sign-offs during a lunch break, reducing your employee overtime budget.
• Skills sign-offs that are conducted at your location will follow our "Group" pricing structure and participant minimums.
• The most economical skills sign-off method is to send your employees to our classroom. We can test up to 4 students at a time.
• We are insured and a W9 is available upon request.
You could be
certified tomorrow!
Step 1
First take your online course and
written test on AHA's website and print your completion certificate.
Paid on CPR Central's website to take sign-off.

$ 49 - BLS (45min)
$ 49 - CPR/AED (30min)
$ 49 - First Aid only (30min)
$ 49 - First Aid/CPR/AED (45min)
$ 49 - Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED (45min)
$120 - ACLS or PALS (1hr 20min)
$169 - ACLS and PALS combo(2hr)
$ 29 - BLS sign-off in ACLS or PALS sign-off
Step 2
Then practice your skills with an instructor, get signed-off, and
receive your card at CPR Central.
A CPR4work company
Paid on AHA's website to take online course:

$ 29 - BLS Healthcare Provider (1.25hr)
$ 26 - CPR/AED (1hr)
$ 31 - First Aid only (1.5hr)
$ 44 - First Aid/CPR/AED (2.5hr)
$ 30 - Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED daycare (2.5hr)
$132 - ACLS (6hr)
$120 - PALS (6hr)
$ 20 - Bloodborne Pathogen (1hr)
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Skills sign-off locations
CPR Central
Spokane Classroom
Note that the online method will cost more than taking our traditional instructor led classroom course because both AHA and CPR Central will be paid separately, but the convenience of multiple skills sign-off appointments weekly, shorter in classroom time, and a more private setting, may make it the best alternative for some students.
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