Safesitter is a medically accurate, competency-based, highly structured babysitting
preparation courses designed for young adolescents age 11-15. We may accept 10 year
olds if parent feels child is ready for babysitting.

CPR Central's Babysitting Basics course is two courses in one. The 5-hour Safesitter curriculum is
combined with a 3 hour American Heart Association CPR & First Aid course.

CPR Central's Babysitting Basics program is the only babysitting course in the region that certifies children
with a real CPR card. The same CPR card that is held by many working adults. Our course may cost a few extra
dollars but we feel that a real CPR certification that is taught by paramedics or nurses will promote a lifetime of confident CPR skills. Our class also includes a Safe Sitter book, a real CPR barrier device, two instructors for most classes
(if staffing allows), snacks, water and soda, and a full pizza party lunch from the Pizza Factory next door.

In addition to CPR and choking procedures, this course will also discuss basic first aid, defibrillator use, personal safety for the babysitter, injury prevention, how to care for children (feeding, diapering, etc.), preventing problem behavior, behavior management techniques, ethics, and babysitting as a business.
If you are comparing prices, remember that CPR Central offers so much more than a "community center" babysitting class. We include snacks, soda, and bottled water. The required $20 Safe Sitter Handbook is included in the price. Each student is issued a real CPR barrier device with a one way valve that they get to keep. Your child will earn the same laminated CPR card that is held by many working adults. No other babysitting class in the region includes real CPR certification. We typically provide two instructors, 1 male and 1 female for most courses (if staffing allows) and our CPR module is taught by real off-duty paramedics or nurses using an easy to understand child friendly approach. We operate the regions only dedicated CPR training facility designed specifically for teaching professional grade CPR. From basic through the Paramedic, RN, and Physician level. We use only top level hospital grade equipment and safety standards. For this reason WE DO NOT PRICE MATCH OTHER BABYSITTING COURSES. Our courses well exceed community babysitting classes sometimes offered for less.
So much more than babysitting training
When people hear "babysitting training", many
immediately think diaper changing, bottle feeding
and keeping kids entertained. Yes, caring for
infants and children does involve all of these
important tasks. However, a well-rounded youth
development program with a medical basis such
as Safe Sitter focuses on so much more.
It presents serious life skills in a fun way!

Our students are not just highly qualified babysitters. They are young professionals with practical life and safety skills. Students learn safe ways to market themselves as qualified babysitters. They learn how to determine if a job is safe, and what it means to be responsible for children every time they babysit.

Most importantly, Safesitter students feel more comfortable taking care of their younger siblings while parents are away because they have learned more about responsibility, personal safety and what to do in case of an emergency.
Babysitting Basics or Teen CPR First Aid Renewal
CPR Central
"Professionals at every level"
A CPR4work company
Safesitter and Teen CPR First Aid renewal




Babysitting Basics (Safesitter) with CPR and First Aid.
$75 - Price includes required book, CPR card, barrier, filters and lunch.
8am - 5pm (5 hr Safe Sitter + 3 hr CPR & 1st Aid, plus lunch & breaks.

Teen CPR First Aid renewal course for prior Safesitters. June 30th only.
$39 - Price includes CPR card, barrier, filters.
6pm - 9pm 3 hr CPR & 1st Aid

503 W. Appleway Ave. Suite L. Hwy 95 and Appleway. Coeur d Alene.
Online payment is required.

Pizza party lunch with soda from the Pizza Factory is included in the Babysitting Basics course tuition. Additional snacks, bottled water, and sodas are also provided for free or students may bring a sack lunch. We have a refrigerator and microwave for food storage and preparation.
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Instructions for Babysitting Basics.
Parents and troop leaders are not permitted to attend the class with their children. However, we encourage parents to attend the last 45 minutes of class so they can watch their child perform their new CPR skills and listen to the students answer the verbal test and review. We also invite parents to cheer on the kids when they receive their CPR and babysitting cards during a short graduation ceremony.

Doors open at 8am for registration. Parents must accompany their child during registration to ensure payment and to sign the permission, allergy, and waiver paperwork prior to class. Children must be picked up within 30 minutes after the course. Please ensure timely pickup arrangements. CPR Central staff can not administer medications to students. Please advise us of special needs and allergies prior to class.