If you are taking the classroom course (not online method) you will need to obtain and review a 2015 ACLS or 2016 PALS student manual (not necessary for online course). We no longer sell these in class. You are welcome to borrow a book from work or a friend or you may purchase new or used from Amazon.com (button to right) or EBay. If you can't source a book, COME TO CLASS ANYWAY! We will fully prepare you in class.
CPR Central
Get your BLS signed off during ACLS or PALS. Click the BLS button to the right. Pay AHA $28.50 and take Heartcode BLS online. Bring the completion certificate with you to ACLS or PALS class and CPR Central will conduct your BLS skills session for only $29. Total cost $57.50. No BLS book is required.
BLS skills sign-off in ACLS or PALS
ACLS 1 day
Online with skills

PALS 1 day
We have hundreds of positive reviews on this course with most reporting it is the most thorough they have taken. Scheduled from 8am-6:30pm (10.25 hours) with a working lunch, this class is ideal for combined initial and recert students alike. Some classes can finish earlier depending on experience and prior certification. We will fully cover EKG rhythms, medications, and the "why" behind ACLS/PALS algorithms. Everyone will intubate, insert king airways, OPAs and NPAs, suction, use BVMs, needle decompress, defibrillate, pace, cardiovert, push simulated meds, start EZ-IOs, and of course, perform lots of CPR and lead an arrest. CPR Central courses are taught in a relaxed low pressure format. Our courses are so thorough and skills based that most area hospitals now use us and our 1 day format to train their ER and ICU teams, and because 90% of our students achieve a 90% or higher on their written test, we know you'll do great.
• Payment is required prior to the start of class.
• Refunds are not available within 72 hours prior to class, however,
• You may reschedule to a different date with advance notice.
• 8am-6:30pm depending on student attendance and experience.
• There is a max of 8 participants per class.
• To conserve time, lunch will be eaten in class during a lecture.
• Students may bring food. We have a refrigerator and microwave.
• Please bring a sweater if you tend to be cold while sitting.
• Students are responsible for obtaining and reviewing the book.
• Students should complete the self assessment and videos prior.
• Students requiring remediation can take a later course for free.
If you are taking the classroom course (not online method) you will need to watch the free ACLS or PALS videos and take a pre-course assessment. Enter your name to the right and click the "Watch Videos" button. You will be transported to American Heart Association's website where you will enter the "manual code" "acls15" or "pals15". Watch the videos and complete the assessment (pre-test). If you are not able to complete the assessment or do poorly, we will fully prepare you in class. Watching these videos is mandatory and shortens the class time for all participants.
Videos & Pre-test for classroom course
Offered in our
Spokane Valley or
Coeur d'Alene classroom
about every two
to three weeks.

This is a real AHA certification with laminated card and available CEU credits.

Classes fill very quickly.
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2 day classroom
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